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Spaces that identify the project


Over the last hundred years, the economic history of La Bisbal and, by extension, the nearby municipalities of Corçà, Forallac and Cruïlles has been defined by the ceramics industry, which has left its mark on today’s urban and economic structure. From the architectural point of view, the former ceramics factories provide unique spaces for brand-new, innovating projects.

These buildings share the same characteristics as other industrial premises, but offer distinguishing features such as large spaces, exposed brick walls, ceramics kilns, and high ceilings with cast-iron beams. The tall chimneys bear witness to the Empordà ceramics industry, bringing to mind those of the textile industry elsewhere.

The premises are ideal spaces for housing creative companies, food and agriculture businesses, and small workshops of any type. They provide good positioning as well as differentiation from competitive brands.

Please consult us for more information on these premises.



Investing as a company in the Empordà
Ajuntament de la Bisbal d'Empordà
Ajuntament de Forallac
Ajuntament de Corçà
Ajuntament de Cruïlles, Monells i Sant Sadurni de l'Heura
Ajuntament d'Ullastret
Diputació de Girona

“Suport als Projectes Singulars de desenvolupament econòmic”

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